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Gift Certicate Fine Print

Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions

 These Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions") govern the purchase, use and redemption of gift certificates purchased from Tiki Tattoo. For questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Tiki Tattoo

Purchasing, Sending and Receiving Gift Certificates

  • Gift certificates cannot be used to purchase gift certificates.
  • Gift certificates can not be used for deposits.
  • Gift certificates are non-refundable.
  • Gift certificates can not be redeemed for cash or any other tender


Redeeming Gift Certificates

  • Gift certificates are only redeemable at Tiki Tattoo for the amount or service specified on the gift certificate, by the expiration date indicated or 7 years from date of issue that is indicated on gift certificate. 
  • Except as required by law, gift certificates are not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund.
  • Any unused balance of the gift certificate will remain until redeemed or the original expiration date/ issuance date indicated on the gift certificate, whichever occurs first. An additional certificate will be issued with the remainder with original date of issuance.
  • If a purchase exceeds the amount listed on the gift certificate, the redeemer is responsible for paying the difference at time of purchase or services rendered.
  • Use and redemption of our gift certificates are also governed by our Privacy Policy.

Cancellation and Expiration of Gift Certificates

  • Tiki Tattoo reserves the right to immediately invalidate gift certificates, without notice, should it receive a credit card chargeback, returned check or other form of repudiated payment made towards the gift certificate.
  • Tiki Tattoo is not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates, and will not be replaced or reissued'
  • Tiki Tattoo reserves the right to dishonor the gift certificate, if it reasonably believes it was not validly purchased, has already been redeemed, or the redeemer stole or is otherwise not the intended beneficiary of the purchaser.
  • Gift certificates are not valid or redeemable after the expiration date indicated on the gift certificate.

Miscellaneous Terms and Conditions

Tiki Tattoo reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time in its sole discretion.
Gift certificates, and these Terms and Conditions, are subject to and governed by the laws of Massachusetts, without reference to its principles of conflicts of law.
If any provision of these Terms and Conditions should, for any reason, be held invalid, prohibited by law or unenforceable in any respect, such term will not apply. However, the remainder of these Terms and Conditions shall be enforced to the full extent permitted by law. A court of competent jurisdiction is hereby empowered to modify the invalid, prohibited or unenforceable provision to make it valid and enforceable.