- Upon arrival, call the shop to let us know you have arrived

-  Face masks ARE required to enter and the entire time you are in 
  the shop.  Sorry NO EXCEPTIONS!

 - We have hand sanitizer at the desk we ask to use upon your 
    entrance. Please do not touch anything in the shop. 

- Please if you arrive early, remain outside until we are ready for 
  you, and we will call you in.

- We will take your temperature with an infrared no touch thermometer 
  and record it. If you have a 100 temp you will have to leave 

- Only the individual being tattooed will be allowed into the shop. 
   Sorry NO pets or friends or even parents. They can wait outside or 
   stay home

- No food or snacks are allowed. Water or appropriate beverages 
   allowed. Please eat before coming.

- If you have been feeling ill with cold/flu like symptoms or feverish,
  we will reschedule your appointment. If you do decide to show up you 
  will be asked to vacate the premises immediately!

- Consultations will be by appointment ONLY taken by phone.
  DO NOT walk in. You will be asked to leave.

 Re-Opening Guidelines

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Hey everyone!! 
Its been a long time waiting to make  this announcement. 
First, I would like to give a huge thank you to all for the 
support everyone has shown. It was truly over whelming!
Thank you.

I'd also like to thank all of our clients and new potential 
clients for hanging tough during a scary and unsure time. 
We will be rescheduling our earliest appointments that 
have been displaced by the pandemic shutdown . Due to 
this unfortunately all new appointments will be scheduled 
after such is in place. We do apologize for this but we 
must be fair. We will be in contact with all displaced 
appointments starting July 7th.

Also starting on the 7th, ALL consultations will be by
only, made by phone. There will not be 
any walk in service at all. We must do this to protect our clients, staff, and you. Also there is a whole new bunch of stuff that is new following this. It will be strictly enforced with out question.  We are not trying to be mean or seem cold but we have protocols to follow for all of our safety. So please respect them.

Once more we would like to thank everyone for you
 business and understanding.
                                       Thank you,
                                         Tiki staff